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Reviews for Meg's latest novel Supermums


So much love for this book. Deserves all the stars!!! I totally lost myself in this super-fun action-packed adventure. Supermum Jess and the spunky cast of characters that make the little town of Fernvale more interesting than your average pit stop are a riot to hang out with and make me wish I could get in on the action. Maybe I'll find an otherworldly portal to sun-bake by and grow my own set of fabulous super powers. The numerous cliffhanger chapter endings had me completely neglecting my motherly duties in

order to find out what happened next. This story has so much scope, I can’t wait for the next instalment!

- Tanja Belle  42

I have a low tolerance and attention span for books that don't grab me and I don't believe I am the target demographic for this read, so I expected to put it down pretty quickly. The opposite was true. It grabbed me from the start, with a writing style and cadence which reminded me of Ben Elton's, 'Stark'. If 'Hitchhikers Guide' and 'Hancock' had a love child this would be it. I veraciously consumed this book, sneaking away to pick it up at any opportunity like a dirty secret. Super Mums' is a fantastical story which captures the zeitgeist of our time, I enjoyed it immensely.  


- Luke  Mitchell 47 


Supermums is the perfect escape from packed lunches and 8 hour work days. I want to be friends with Jess and the girls! I couldn't put it down. It left me soaring above the trees and wanting more. 


- Paige 44

What a great read! I am left desperately wanting the second instalment. Please hurry!

- Donna 55

My wife was calling me to get out of bed and do some chores but I couldn't put Supermums down. Don't tell my mates. Looking forward to knowing you when you're famous Meg, well done.

- Jim 50


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