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Meg’s intimate and hilarious memoir about her unexpected pregnancy and homebirth is now available as an ebook.

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Meg Grace

Meg Grace has attempted to write an intriguing and succinct bio approximately a thousand times in the past, knowing she would need one for just this occasion.


But despite a varied and interesting career path that includes time spent at university studying journalism and education (and photography in New York), a stint as a dolphin ranger, a public presenter slash educator (in wildly different fields), and more recently, as an award-winning  artist with four permanent large-scale sculptures under her belt, she has not managed to condense her experience down into 150 well crafted words.


She does however write a mean novel, hence her book Supermums being awarded the 2020 Byron Writers Festival Mentorship, a long list appearance on the Queensland Writer's Centre Publishable Prize 2021, Winner of the Adaptable Prize 2022 and finalist for the Best Fantasy Novel in the Aurealis Awards 2022.


She now writes full-time from her home on the hill in northern NSW Australia. And – having realised that writing is her jam – will be doing so for the foreseeable future, happy as a clam, with her hubby, daughter, cat, dog and a myriad of birds to keep her company. 

See Meg's creative past lives...

Queensland Writers Centre Adaptable Prize 2022


Byron Bay Writers festival
Mentorship Prize 2020

Coffee break? Listen to these great interviews with Meg Grace about all things Supermums and being an Author!

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Supermums is a series!

Thank Goodness. You can follow the adventures of our loveable band of heroes. To be notified of launch dates and eligible for special offers subscribe to the Supermums Collective now.

Thank you for joining our band of super heroes!


'Supermums is the literary version of the best friend you don’t have to clean the house for. Warm, funny, clever and full of joy. I found myself sneaking off to read it. I couldn’t put it down.’


KATRINA DAVIDSON  Comedian and ABC Broadcaster




‘Oh My God! I loved this book! This is going to be huge! Supermum Jess and the crazy cast of characters are a riot to hang out with and make me wish I could get in on the action. The numerous cliffhanger chapter endings had me completely neglecting my motherly duties in order to find out what happened next. This story has so much scope, I can’t wait for the next installment!



Teacher and very, very busy mum.

‘I just spent the whole day lying on my couch reading Supermums. I’m sure I was supposed to do a million other things but I forgot because I was too caught up in the story. These female characters are so relatable and kick-ass! Can’t wait for the next book. It’s amazing!’



Female Empowerment ‘Be a Beacon’ Creator.

Praise for Supermums

'I just finished book one of Supermums. WOW. The PLOT! The CHARACTERS! The HUMOUR! Meg Grace is a talent to watch. I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE, LOVE IT.'



Filmmaker and Writer




'Is this supposed to be women’s fiction? My wife was hassling me to get out of bed and do the weekend chores but I had to finish this book. I did it in two sittings. It was very addictive. Don’t tell my mates.’



Property Investor and armchair critic

‘I have a low tolerance for books that don’t grab me and I don’t believe I am the target demographic for this novel, so I expected to put it down pretty quickly. The opposite was true. It grabbed me from the start. I veraciously consumed this book, sneaking away to pick it up at any opportunity like a dirty little secret.’



Youth Counsellor and book junkie




‘I really love these characters. Jess is so relatable and laugh out loud funny as the narrator. The dialogue is super witty. The town and the other inhabitants feel recognisable, and I love the division between the yoga mums and Pilates mums! Can’t wait to see the movie! A little bit Lianne Moriaty there with an urban fantasy twist. So good.’



Editor and logophile

‘I so want to be friends with these women. I couldn’t put this book down and I am not usually a keen reader. Most books bore me to tears, but I need another Supermums book – Now! Every other page was a cliffhanger and I feel like it could actually happen to me. I am manifesting a portal in my back yard as of now.’



Assets Manager and reluctant reader.

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