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I am pleased to have the opportunity to record my experience working with Meg on her prize winning entry the "Spirit Orb" in the Eumundi Sculpture Prize 2015. Quite apart from her obvious creative  talents to which the "Orb" is eloquent testimony, from my perspective she was straightforward and easy to work with. Most importantly, Meg took a very high level of responsibility for the creation and fabrication of the "Orb". Much of her success in this regard is the result of her willingness to be a team player as well as a team leader. She worked closely with her engineering colleague and the artisan fabricators in the design and construction of the Orb.

Meg was determined that the "Orb" should be interactive, making child safety a paramount concern. She carefully managed every aspect of the requirements to meet playground certification standards without a hitch. Playground certification imposes a considerable additional burden on a project in administrative and technical terms, which Meg accepted without hesitation. She and the other team members embraced the task with energetic enthusiasm and sustained commitment.

At the same time as working her way through the bureaucracy of playground certification, Meg also displayed a number of technical and practical fabrication skills by taking active part in the fabrication of the "Orb". Elements of this were no doubt motivated by her artistic and creative interest in the end result, but it was equally motivated by Meg's desire to learn new technical skills that she will be able to introduce to new projects in which she is involved - to the great benefit of those projects.

At a personal level Meg engages with colleagues in a friendly and good humoured manner which is a reflection of an easy going and relaxed temperament. It was a very rewarding experience to work with her.

Michael Carney
Foundation for Culture and Art Eumundi



At the new Bribie Island Butterfly House we want to give huge credit to design artist Meg Geer, for her excellent work and her serious dedication to our community project. The Bribie Island Butterfly House is 100% volunteer run with 100% of profits going to charities.

The following statements may sound too good to be true but they are 100% correct.  We have found Meg amazing to work with. She kindly did the ground work and wrote the grant application to secure a $10,000 Unity Water grant to help with the construction of the Bribie Island Butterfly House. Meg has helped with the marketing of our project as she has also done with other local projects. She has kindly donated her time and talent to produce our fantastic sculptured main entrance gate which is very positively commented on by all of our visitors. 

It seems that nothing is too much trouble for Meg. She has a wonderful attitude and is very easy to work with. 

Meg gives her all and has absolutely gone the second mile on design and execution of the tasks performed. 

To help us, she has also worked with the Moreton Bay Regional Council with regard to street signage laws.

To anyone considering engaging Meg for a project, we would say – “Don’t hesitate!” 


Ray Archer             

President, Bribie Butterfly Volunteers Inc



Meg Geer designed a striking, innovative sign to welcome visitors to the Bribie Island Community Arts Centre. Meg's sign is modern and a fitting symbol of the artwork that takes place on this site.


Diane Carr

BICAS Board Member



Meg Geer's  stylish rendition of waving Bribie grass portrayed in the beautiful roadside entry sign to The Bribie Island Community Arts Centre is a welcoming and memorable image. Signifying both the peaceful green surrounds of the Centre and the whimsical nature of creativity born here, her sign is a wonderful salute to the best parts of us. Meg also very capably managed the funding, fabrication and installation of the sign, dealing with council and stakeholders.

Julie Thomson; Functions & Activities Manager, BICAS

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