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Meg is an award-winning artist and emerging prize winning author who creates large scale public space art in multiple mediums and gathers words together in her spare time.


The exploration of environments and events and our human response to it is a common theme in all of her works and her desire to see art as an interactive and thought-provoking object is carried through even to projects such as corporate signage. 


"I always strive to create something that has meaning, encourages connection and makes the world a more interesting, more beautiful place. I want viewers and readers of my work to have the opportunity to interact with the work, whether it is to sit on it, climb it, comment on it, question it, act it, or cry about it. I like everything I create to linger, provoke or evoke.  


Meg has two works on Bribie Island Queensland and two works in the Memorial Park Eumundi. She also has a current novel under submission and was recently awarded The Byron Bay Writers Festival Residential Mentorship for her new novel Supermums.


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